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This is the official site of Luna Sand Inc. dealing in Aomori sand (brand name Luna Sand). When it comes to sand, leave it to us!

Characteristics of Luna Sand (sand from Aomori Prefecture)

Reasons for golf course use
Why Luna Sand (Aomori sand) is valued for golf courses:
Compliance with USGA Specifications
Luna Sand complies with USGA specifications which are the global standard in golf.
This page shows the results of analyses by various institutions that prove the high quality of our Aomori Luna Sand.
Production and distribution system
The sequence from production to delivery in our company is illustrated in a flowchart.
Product lineup
All our products are listed.


Usage recommendations for golf course products
Our products for golf courses are introduced by usage.

Delivery examples of Aomori sand and their contents

Delivery history to golf courses in Japan
Our past deliveries to golf courses in Japan are listed for reference.
Delivery history to the JRA
Our past deliveries to JRA courses are listed for reference.
Delivery history to other organizations
Our past deliveries to organizations other than golf courses and horse racing courses are listed for reference.

Profile of the New Company

Company information
Luna Sand Inc. deals in an extensive range of sand products including Aomori sand. This page gives an outline of the company.
Message from Representative Director, Michiko Shishido
This page features an interview with our representative, Michiko Shishido.
Transaction history
Our transaction history is listed.
Production lines and storage facilities
Our company-owned plants and storage depots are introduced, together with testimonials from our existing customers.
Contact form
Please contact us using this contact form.
Site map
This is the site map of the official website of Luna Sand Inc