Message from Representative Director, Michiko Shishido

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Sand plays a major role in many places including golf courses and horse racing courses. In golf courses, for example, different kinds of sand are used for fairways, bunkers and greens depending on the purpose. Therefore, we are always striving to provide sand of the highest specifications to meet the desired usage and customers' requests. We handle an extensive range of high-performance sand from prestigious production locations such as Aomori, Kashima, Kinugawa, Takahagi and Tonegawa to cover diverse uses.

More than just high specifications

We not only put emphasis on high specifications but also customers' satisfaction. Therefore, our services do not end upon delivery; we also provide attentive follow-up services.

Quality and Belief, passion and integrity

We only deal in high-specification sand including Aomori sand. However, high quality is not our ultimate goal; rather, it is the expected minimum. We focus on recommending the optimal product for the usage and budget of each individual customer so that they will be completely satisfied with our services and trust us as a reliable partner.

To this end, we always respond professionally to our customers, and respect mutual communications with them. Through meticulous, unhurried discussions, we will deliver, together with our belief, passion and integrity, a true artwork that we have created with 100% confidence.

Ultimate goal of Luna Sand

Our mission is to introduce customers to novel projects using sand, while maintaining an efficient distribution system and continuing to provide products with stable quality and specifications. By establishing close relationships, we are continually evolving as a company. That is our ultimate goal.

We will never stop challenging to provide high-quality sand and excellent service to as many customers as possible.